"The early bird catches the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese!"
About us

Caissa Consulting Ltd was formed in 2005. It is a small business specialising in SAP and business consulting and has worked with many partners at local and global level. In addition to the SAP Corporate side we also offer coaching and lecturing services (see pages) which have been taken up by schools, clubs and societies of many kinds. 

Why CAISSA? Well CAISSA is the goddess of chess known to have nine ‘muses’ that are applied to the royal game. We believe that these muses can be applied to any organisation resulting in organisational improvement and benefit. The muses are imagination, understanding, accuracy, confidence, caution, courage, ambition, patience, and memory.

Susan portman
Susan is the Company founder and Director. She gained SAP certification in 1997 and has supported many leading organisations worldwide. Her background is logistics and she has also worked for 13 years in the telecommunications industry. Her experience and expertise in Supply Chain Management, Sales and Distribution and Manufacturing gives her knowledge of a wide spectrum of business processes. Do see here testimonials! Susan lives in Banbury and her motto is ‘Times change, standards shouldn’t’. She also shows her Border Collie dogs, one of which won best in breed at CRUFTS!

Carl Portman MCILT MinstLM MCIPS
Carl is a Director who has a background in logistics in the public sector. He has worked in warehousing, distribution, secretariat, change management, communications, project management, Data Protection and Human Resources both in the UK and Germany. Away from logistics he is the author of works on natural history and chess and is a qualified chess coach. His has represented the United Kingdom in the NATO Chess Championships in France in 2012 and Hungary in 2017 (as Captain) and was team Captain in Texas, USA in 2018. He is currently doing work developing and promoting chess in English prisons with the English Chess Federation. He is passionate about chess. Carl’s motto is ‘Don’t complain about the darkness, light a few candles’. He has written several books and gives lectures on many subjects, not least the rainforest or the life of spiders!

Caissa Consulting
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