"When a dog bites a man that's not news, when a man bites a dog that's news."

June 2018  

Summer days lift the spirits. Working in the light and the sunshine makes all the difference. It won't be long before the school term finishes and children everywhere will be out camping, catching sticklebacks (remember those?) in jars, eating ice cream and having a good time. Here at Caissa Consulting we like to work hard and play hard so we'll be sure to get our own time outdoors. On a bigger scale the economy has its usual fluctuations and various business leaders talk it up or down depending on their own point of view - using statistics to fi their own arguments. However, Caissa Consulting continutes to work apace with plenty happening in the SAP, lecturing and chess coaching world. Consultancy has its own freedoms as well as responsibilities and we are in a  position to be able to choose where we work. The best feeling of all is working with the customer to resolve problems or to enhance their knowledge of a given subject.

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My book CHESS BEHIND BARS is available from Quality Chess here:


It is also available from Chess Direct or Chess and Bridge of London.

Feedback has been excellent, which naturally pleases me. Daily Mail columnist Dominic Lawson said that "Portman [...] has enlightened the society of criminals with the best of humanity". I met my local MP Victoria Prentice who supports my prisons work, and have appeared on radio and in the Daily Mail, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, London Evening Standard, and even a Greek Newspaper along with various chess magazines and online at the CHESSBASE website.

There are but a few weeks left of sumemr trm. I shall miss the next three as I visit the United States of America to play chess. I am honoured to be Captainof the UK Chess Team playing in the NATO Chess Championships in Texas so I ahve been preparing for that.

I have some more 1:1 chess coaching booked and pleased do consider it for yourself or your child (aged 8 upwards) as it is extremely beneficial to juniors across the school curriculum. (See my chess pages). I have doubled my work in schools now, and have been coaching chess at the Dragon School in Oxford for several years now. This is the same school where the likes of poet laureate Sir John Betjeman and actor Hugh Laurie attended so there is kudos to the appointment. I also found out that actor Tom Hiddleson attended the school. I hope some of the youngsters in my classes go on to forge great careers doing something they love.

I am still working with the chess in prisons programme for the English Chess Federation on a voluntary basis. I am always interested to hear stories related to chess in prisons and donations for books and chess equipment are always gratefully received.

I am available for lectures on natural history The rainforest/Spiders and myths/the life of the tarantula etc, chess, eminent victorian chess players, and indeed my motivational talk about life as an ICD heart patient - which has been very well received in the UK and abroad. If you wish to book me for a lecture or just want to discuss possibilities please do make contact. A new lecture is booked for a local group and I am calling it 'Animals and mythology'.

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I continue my work with Harley Davidson as an SAP consultant and I am also working with the Birchman Group. I am due to do work in Germany and in Kent and I recently visited Barcelona to give on site consultancy advice - and that was a short but fun trip. I find that if you want the work, it is out there. Working with different companies keeps my skill-set fresh and always opens up other opportunities. Problem solving is something I have always enjoyed but the added bonus of meeting new people here in the UK and abroad makes it even better.

In my spare time (yeah, right!) I show my two border collies and I have been busy going around the country at weekends meeting up with old friends and in some cases, winning some very nice awards - or at least the dogs have.

Thanks for looking in.

carpe diem

Carl and Sue


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