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May 2023


Well, summer is almost upon us. The snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils have given way to Blackthorne, cowslips and a rather magnificent Mexican Orange Blosson shrub in the garden. It's a time to be out and about - not stuck behind the keyboard, but finding the right balance can be a challenge.

There are still legacy issues from the Covid-19 pandemic, and companies are still struggling to catch up. It seems so long ago that my own work literally 'shut down' regarding the chess in schools and prisons, the lectures and the other face to face consultancy work. It all went by the wayside and along with many others, I have had to find a way through the maze. We must always look forward. I am grateful that people are beginning to contact me for chess coaching, chess talks and natural history lectures. 

I took advantage of the lockdown to write my chess memoir called 'Chess Crusader, confessions of an amateur chess player' which is available from Amazon, and reputable book stores.  

You can continue to get copies of my other books on Amazon and other outlets, or direct from me. These are:

  • Chess Behind Bars. (A book about chess in prisons written not only for prisoners but the general public too)
  • A Daintree Diary, Tales from Travels to the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia.
  • Fangs for the Memories, the search for tarantulas in Ecuador.

I still offer chess coaching so please do consider it for yourself or your child (aged 9 upwards) as it is extremely beneficial to juniors across the school curriculum. (See my chess pages). I continue to coach chess in schools (before and after Covid-19) and I am still working with the chess in prisons programme for the English Chess Federation on a voluntary basis. I am always interested to hear stories related to chess in prisons and donations for books and chess equipment are always gratefully received.

I am available for lectures on natural history The rainforest/Spiders and myths/the life of the tarantula etc, chess, eminent chess players, and indeed my motivational talk about life as an ICD (Implanted Cardioverter-defibrllator) heart patient - which has been very well received in the UK and abroad. I even appear in a British Heart Foundation booklet! If you wish to book me for a lecture or just want to discuss possibilities please do make contact. 

I continue to work with chess in prisons and look forward to visiting new establishments this year. 

See some of our testimonials on the testimonials page...

Thanks for looking in and please do contact us if you think we can help you. 


Covid-19 and all its ramifications aside...

I continue my work with Harley Davidson as an SAP consultant and I am also working with the Birchman Group. I am working almost exclusively from home at the moment. 

Working with different companies keeps my skill-set fresh and always opens up other opportunities. Problem solving is something I have always enjoyed but the added bonus of meeting new people here in the UK and abroad makes it even better. I have also been mentoring others in SAP work in order to help them be the best at what they are doing. Sharing knowledge is as rewarding as receiving it. 

In my spare time (yeah, right!) I have two border collies and I show them at dog shows, doing very well at Crufts each time. As an avid West Bromwish Albion fan I am suffering a  little watchng them try to get back into the Premiership. We can always hope.

Thanks for looking in,

carpe diem

Carl and Sue


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